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- I have so many different in mind, which perhaps I cannot express as exactly as you would like. Here we talk every day with other people.. okay, I do not speak every day, but let's say we talk once per week with somebody. But all the time, month after month, I can't remember the one parable-story among what they are saying. And no one told you either. Then I'm going to narrate now.
 - As you know, we are able to remember the content of five previous and current lives. And the first in our story are feelings of one well-educated nice rat. Born in a laboratory where she was diligently brushing her white fur when nothing happened. Until she was not included in the test group to switch water phantom with the meat under the precision of highly energetic ion beam. Ionisation density was enough for double-strand DNA breaks and death of the cells. Damage from secondary oxygen ions was less directly important.
  For the next life the educated rat had been born as a warm domesticated cat. Enclosed house boringness was watered down with outdoor travels to a summer forest to meet frightening prickly herbs, till the bite from something. After that the water was disliked, the cat did not want to drink through throat spasms and only asked to wet his lips between his attempts in rampage to get out from harness.
  For the next life the civilized cat had been born as a trained awesome dog. Sheepdog knew some commands, selectively suffered from diarrhea and saw his mistress's boyfriend like as sheep broke away from the others. And he beat the dog right on the street with a hammer, sort of hit back after the girl dunked something between them into an abortion bucket. Although, they both just wanted to kill, got together because of this, you and I know.
  For the next life the awesome dog had been born as a breeding bull. During the childhood, he silly ran away from the younger grandchildren of the owner, and later captured a lot of overrated grazing cows using his oily eyes. Bulls flu epidemic, they told to farm owners. Pushed the herd into the foundation pit dug by excavator, released the kerosene liquids to the weaving of humming bodies and set fire.
  For the next life the wonderful bull had been born as trustworthy human. That human, among other things, is making trustworthy indie-games for your unpleasure. And I have so many questions, perhaps you would not be able to answer as exactly as I would like.

OpenGL shaders post-processing glitch driven irresponsible Visual Novel. Data-bending audio and visual based experimental project for sad c++ gamers. Play with keyboard.

Allegro, OpenGL
Windows, Linux
English, Russian

game by ...the...
music by ((( eta )))


NB_1.0.0.tar.gz 24 MB

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Says "No version for my OS", ASUS laptop

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Who says that?

My laptop?:)

I can suppose, it is because inside laptop is Windows or Mac. At the moment only Linux version is available :(


Exciting. Like the art style a lot, looking forward to seeing where this goes.


Looks very interesting . I saw the trailer and it's quite scary.